Janet Davie carved her career out of pure grit and determination.

As a 19 year-old, Janet started “on the ground floor” working at a butcher shop. The goal was to take care of her family, and she did that while taking every learning opportunity available.

After working her way up to a bookkeeper position, she realized that she could become the Controller, so that’s what she became.

“Failure was not an option for me,” says Janet. “I led with my chin, and was always determined to figure out the processes required to move myself and my company forward.”

She put a good thirty years into business strategy, and as a senior financial executive she led operations teams in supply chain management, human resources and the administrative team – on the side. Eventually, she says, she hit a wall. “I burnt out, and someone introduced me to a coach,” she says. “I started to shift. I started realizing that I was really stressed out and uptight, and that my career had gone well beyond its original intention of supporting my family. I realized that I was stuck, I needed to let go of the things that were holding me back.”

Coaching, she says, changes the way you think about yourself.

This kind of perspective shift is particularly important for people in positions of leadership, as they rarely get the kind of feedback they need from their board or inner circle.

“In so many of the companies I’ve worked with, across sectors, there was so often a lack of consistent and effective leadership,” says Janet. “If a leader can put his or her blind-spots into view, they can approach the problems differently, they can get themselves and their company out of ruts they might have come to simply see as normal.”

For Janet, becoming a coach allowed her to settle into what she sees as her real calling; as a nurturer, as someone who is there to support her clients during the tough times and see them through until they get to a better place. The ultimate success is for clients to reach their full potential and create sustainable, long lasting change for themselves.

“You might be on top of the world, but you still want something more. Or maybe you’re one of those people who knows exactly what they want, but have never told a single person,” says Janet. “I want to help people achieve their impossible dream, and also, on a more basic level, to help people avoid the pitfalls that so many of us fall into. There are harder and easier ways to do things, too many of us work ourselves to death, and it’s not necessary.”

The British Columbia Ministry of Finance recognized Janet Davie for her six years of voluntary service with the Accounting Policy Advisory Committee in 2012. The print, Mother Bear, by Bill Reid came with that recognition.

“This was the perfect parting gift,” says Janet. “I feel it represents my personality fully.”

To see Janet’s full background and certifications, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Janet Davie
Professional Qualifications:
  • Professional Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified EQ-i 2.0 & EQ-360 Assessments
  • Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • Member of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia